Burning Man & The Meaning of Life Screens in Toronto

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Documentary, Film

“What is the Meaning of Life? We all have our own take on the answer to that question. Julie Pifher of JPIF Productions took it to the playa (Black Rock Desert) on her virgin experience at Burning Man in 2011 to find out the Meaning of Life as it pertains to “Burners”. Come on out to the Toronto Decompression event and check out Julie’s documentary “Burning Man and the Meaning Of Life”! While there, get involved and pARTicipate as it will give additional meaning to your life. (http://burntoronto.ca/)

Julie has also produced films and presented them at such events as Cannes and currently works with Workaholic Productions to produce TV shows for various well known television stations.

For tickets to the event: 

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